Wet Weather / Field Status

All Fields OPEN

18 Yard Boxes CLOSED when training

Fields / Venue Details

Venue Location

Narangba Sporting Complex 1 and 2

Harris Avenue
Narangba QLD 4504

Directions to here

Postal Address


PO Box 108
Narangba QLD 4504

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Committee Members

President: Allan Takken

E-mail: president@nufceagles.com

To ensure the club promotes the participation and achievement of its teams. Ensure the club is run efficiently administratively, financially and socially to support all on-field activities.

The President helps the committee prioritise its goals and keeps the committee on track by working within the club’s framework. At an operational level, the major function of the President is to facilitate effective committee meetings.

Vice-President: Stuart Wilson

E-mail: vp@nufceagles.com

To assist the President in any way needed to ensure the efficient operation of the club.

Secretary: John King

E-mail: secretary@nufceagles.com

The club secretary is primarily responsible for all administration duties and provides the coordinating link between member, the committee.

Treasurer: Alana Gould

E-mail: treasurer@nufceagles.com

To ensure that a financial management and reporting system is put in place and operable so the club committee has an accurate understanding of the financial status of the club at all times.

NUFC Uniforms: Max Gould

E-mail: uniforms@nufceagles.com

To provide support to the President, Secretary and other General Committee members to ensure the efficient operation of the club. In this case, the uniform shop.